The Data Collection Unit (DCU) is the heart of the Model 7500 system. This small, portable, lead acid battery powered unit collects information from up to three sensors.

The stack sensors available are full flow and partial flow. The partial flow head is required by the state of New Jersey. Please see our Sensor Head page for more information.

A general purpose: A PC collects the raw data from the DCU. The PC then analyzes and saves the processed information. The PC provides the user interface to the entire system.

The system includes a portable, battery powered, ink-jet printer, which produces full size 8.5x11 inch test printouts. The system may also be purchased with a portable, battery powered, thermal printer that prints on A6 sized paper upon request.

All Wager meters are designed and manufactured under the Robert H. Wager Company name only.


The user interface is a graphical display of a control panel specific to the program function being performed. The user controls program execution by operating buttons on the control panel, either by clicking on them with a mouse or by pressing the associated Function Key.

Test procedure sequences are available for SAE J1667 (Snap-Idle Tests), Follow Mode (Opacity with peak hold) and locomotive test. Open source code is available for some some software revisions.

"Management Functions" encompass all operations except direct opacity/density measurements. This includes setting/changing Test Parameters and Program Parameters and managing test log file(s), as well as operations with the Vehicle Data Base, if used. Each function will have its own control panel which will be selected from the Management Functions control panel.The Vehicle DataBase is maintained as a set of sequential ASCII files.

Compatible With:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

General Specifications

Non-operational storage temperatures of - 40 to + 55° C.

Operational temperature range of 0 to + 50 ° C.

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