About Wager Europe

Wager's Wastewater Division offers our customers a very unique line of Odor Control Vent Valves. These are designed to protect the environment from the hazzards of H2S gas being emitted from lift stations, wet wells, gravity lines, and wastewater treatment plants.

We also have extended our 80 years of technology in manufacturing vent check valves for the Wastewater Industry . Our inflow/overflow valves prevent inflow of water and trash into outfall lines, and overflow of sewage into rivers and streams, and residental or commercial locations.

Wager is also a worldwide industry leader in the design and manufacture of Opacity Meters for monitoring diesel emissions . Our portable and inline systems are easy to use,rugged,and very accurate. We always strive to give our customers the best and most up to date electronic technology. Our most recent advance in the field of opacity meters is our new hand held Wireless Opacity Meter and Printer. Our technical help desk is staffed to give you on the phone immediate assistance when questions arise.

Wager prides itself in the exemplary service that we provide to all of our customers. We carry an extensive inventory for each division in order to guarantee your orders will ship on time, and in a moments notice when ever possible. Your calls are important to us. They are our lifeline. At Wager, you will never be directed a recording. We update our website weekly. Our goal is to give you the clearest and most concise information on our company and our products as quickly as possible. We value your business, and we want to be the company you can rely on for decades to come.


Founded in 1933 Wager Company is a family owned and operated business for 80 years. We provide excellence in manufacturing and the production of quality products for every industry that we serve. Wager is unique in that we offer our customers product design, on-site manufacturing, and sales and service of all our products directly from our North Carolina Headquarters.

Wager is the original patent holder of the inverted vent check valve. We have a full range of rugged tank vent valves and deck equipment for the marine industry. All of our inverted and vertical vent check valves are ABS approved. In an effort to comply with the most up to date regulations required by ABS and other governing entities, Wager has an on-site test facility. Each valve type and size, along with its component parts are rigorously tested in order to assure both quality and functionality. We meet or exceed all standards required by ABS and the United States Coast Guard.


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