Odor Control Valves

Wager Europe is the leading specialist in Odor Control Valves for Wastewater Industries

Wager's Wastewater Division offers our customers a very unique line of Odor Control Vent Valves. These are designed to protect the environment from the danger of hazardous H2S gas being emitted from lift stations, wet wells, gravity lines, and wastewater treatment plants. Wager’s Odor Control Valves ensures the necessary venting of such systems can be happen in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Wager Odor Control Valves are equipped with a filter unit filled whit media pellets. This media pellets are specially developed for use in environments requiring control of hydrogen sulfide gas such as in wastewater treatment.

The media combines a blend of activated carbon and proprietary chemicals that allows for an extraordinary high H2S absorption capacity. The gases are trapped within the pellets and removed by means of adsorption. A chemical reaction changes the gases into a harmless compound

Wager’s Odor Control Valves prevent inflow of water and trash into outfall lines, and overflow of sewage into rivers and streams, and residental or commercial locations. Mist eliminators are incorporated into the unit to prevent moisture from damaging the media bed. A complementary lab analysis of the media is offered after a 12 month period to help determine the remaining life of the media. Feedback from our lab will greatly assist in determining the proper PM maintenance program for each vent site.

1800, 1850 and 2050-50-IP Marine Odor Control Valves

With over 80 years of experience, Wager Europe Has optimized its Odor Control technology and made it suitable for the maritime-and offshore industry.

Wager’s 1800,1850 en 2050-50-IP Marine Odor Control Valves are specially developed for filtering of H2S gas on grey-and black water tanks on board of ships. Wager Europe supplies its Marine Odor Control Valves in the highest quality corrosion and seawater resistant materials.


Our full range of Odor Control Valves:

1200 Roof Vent
3000 Manhole Scrubber

1800 Odor Control Valve
3100 Odor Control Valve
2050-SA Odor Control Valve
2050-50 Odor Control Valve
2050-100 Odor Control Valve
2050-100 Odor Control Valve Side Flange
2050-450 Odor Control Valve
2050-900 Odor Control Valve
2050-1300 Odor Control Valve

1800 Marine Odor Control Valve
1850 Marine Odor Control Valve

Our large stock makes it possible to always have the product you need available, so you will stay operational. Product development, production, sales-and services, at Wager we have all divisions under one roof to be your best partner for Odor Control solutions.

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