A:  Total height of goose-neck form floor to center of radius.

B:  Height from floor to bottom of valve to be fitted to pipe

Gooseneck pipe dimensions and connections

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Our 1750 Semicircular Float valve is designed with a half float on a guide rod. This unique design minimizes the valve body to save on space and weight.

A heavy duty hinge cover assembly prevents sea water from entering tanks in rough seas. The hinged cover can be visually seen from the bridge while in the open or closed position. The advantage to our design is the ability to visually inspect tank vents before any pumping sequences are performed. A stainless steel toggle bolt eliminates the need for any additional tools to open or close the cover.

Wager is the original patent holder of the Semicircular Float Inverted Vent Check Valve.

Do you need piping for your valve purchases ? Wager has a broad inventory of industrial pipe fittings for both marine and wastewater industries. Fittings include butt weld, threaded and flanged. Materials are hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum or 304-316 stainless steel.

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