The 2050-200i marine odor control vent valve is designed to allow for ventilation of black and grey water tanks, while providing necessary odor control at the tank’s location. This unit is recommended for high concentrations of H2S gas or larger volumes of CFM. For smaller applications, we offer our marine 1800 odor control valve.

The 2050-200i is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated to protect the unit from corrosion in the harsh sea environment. It contains (4) fifty pound canisters of odor scrubbing media, and 4 check valves that allow up to 1000 CFM of fresh air to enter directly into the tank during pumping sequences. Each unit has a louvered cover to allow for maximum air flow of deodorized air. Covers have stainless steel lockable latches to prevent tampering.

The 2050-200i mounts vertically to the deck of the ship. It has slotted feet to allow the unit to be bolted securely to the deck. It has a standard ANSI 150 4” side mounted flange, that contains a 4” NPT threaded connection. Metric flanges are available upon request.

Wager’s media is engineered in pellet form to allow for adequate airflow thru the media bed, and is highly effective in removing H2S gas. Pellets are non-toxic, and landfill disposable.

Estimated CFM and PPM:
CFM 121-220, PPM 75-200


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