The 2050-100i Odor Control Valve is designed to allow for ventilation and odor control for black and grey water tanks on board a ship, or at pump stations in port. The valve is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated for protection from the harsh sea environment.

Each valve contains (2) 50 lb canisters of odor scrubbing media. Our media is engineered in pellet form to allow for excellent air flow thru the media bed. Pellets chemiabsorb the molecules in the H2S gas, and change them into a non-toxic, odor free compound. Our media is landfill disposable.

The 2050-100i also contains two check valves to allow for fresh air intake directly into the lines or tank during pumping sequences. If the intake valves are not required, we will cap them o prior to shipping. Each valve has louvered covers to allow for maximum air ow of deodorized air. Every valve is equipped with tamper proof lockable latches.

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