The Wager 3000 Manhole Scrubber effectively removes offensive odors emanating from street-level sewer manholes.

The collar of the scrubber rests just below the manhole cover. Odors enter thru the bottom of the unit, and flow upwards thru an odor canister filled with 50 LBS of media designed to remove a variety of odor causing gases such as H2S, Mercaptians, and VOC’S by means of chemical absorption. The chemical absorptive process actually changes the molecules in the odorous gases into non- organic salts. This media is in pellet form and allows for better air-flow thru the media bed. It is UL rated, non- toxic, and landfill disposable.

Construction: The Wager 3000 is constructed out of stainless steel for durability. Inside the housing includes one odor canisters, containing 1 cubic foot of dry-scrubbing media. Easy access into the Manhole Scrubber allows for quick and easy canister replacement.


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