The 2050-50-IP is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated grass green so that it fits nicely into the surrounding environment.

It has 4 louvered vents to allow for maximum air flow of deodorized air. H2S gas is directed thru a canister containing 50 lbs (23kg, 1.5 cu.ft) of odor controlling media. The media is an engineered product, designed to chemically absorb the H2S gas and change it to a non-toxic compound. Our custom Power-4 permanganate is also included as a polisher. A mist eliminator pad is incorporated into the unit to prevent exiting moisture from damaging the media bed.

During a flood event, our disc style float located just outside of the media chamber will rise to a buna seat, preventing water and debris from entering the inside of the system and destroying the media.

Estimated CFM and PPM:
CFM 20-55, PPM 15-60


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