Diesel emission meters

Wager Europe is the leading specialist in emission metering equipment for diesel engines and industries

Wager Europe is the world leading manufacturer of emission measuring equipment for opacity measuring of diesel emissions. The Wager meters are easy to use, high quality and very accurate. Our drive is to provide the innovative and technologically the best solutions to our customers. The newest trends in diesel emission monitoring are culminated in our newest remote handheld wireless smoke meter with printer.

We carry a broad line of high accurate Opacity Meters which all comply to the SAE J1667 standard of testing and many other testing standards.

* In-line systems for dyno meters or stand tests with heavy duty diesel engines.
* Portable opacity meters for vehicles; busses, trucks, cars and locomotive’s
* Opacity meters for use on stacks on ships and industrial stacks

Support from Wager

Besides manufacturing and developing the Wager Smoke meter, Wager Europe has a long experience in the support for getting the most accurate measurements. Wager can also advice you in translating the measured test results into a better and more optimized working of your installation.

Wager offers several different portable in-line smoke meters and also the corresponding components like sensor heads, wireless sensor heads and custom made applications.


Overview of the Wager Opacity Meters:

6500 Smoke Meter

7500 Smoke Meter

6500 Inline Opacity Meter

500 Inline Opacity Meter

6500 Railroad Opacity Meter

7500 Railroad Opacity Meter

(In-line) Stack Check Emissions Monitor

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Questions or even sparring?

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