Deck Equipment

Wager Europe is your partner for marine and offshore industry deck equipment

Wager Europe offers a wide range of deck equipment among which deck drains and deck plugs as soundings tubes and plugs. With 80 years of experience in our branches, our products are high quality and very functional in the way the products operate.

Wager’s range of deck equipment consists of the following product series:

134 Deck Drain
134 Heavy-Wall Angled Deck Drain
136 Deck Drain
Flanged Heavy-Wall Deck Drain

Pipe Cap
Rosebox Strainer

Dewatering Plug
Sounding Tubes
Straight plug Tapered
Venting Sounding Tube

Wager Europe uses corrosion and sea water resistant materials which guarantee a sustainable and a long lasting product. The products are available in a wide range of standard sized products but can also be custom made upon request of the customer.

Our deck drains like for example de 134 deck drain series and 136 deck drain series are used as deck drains in the yachting industry where quality and product finish is off the highest quality.

Our large stock makes it possible to always have the product you need available, so you will stay operational.


Questions or even sparring?

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