The water separator directly connects to both the air release valve and to the 3100 odor control valve. Air enters the water separator and a baffle directs the airflow to the bottom of the unit where moisture in the air can accumulate. Once the accumulating water reaches the level of a float in the unit, a drain will open and release the water into the wet well. The dry air proceeds to the top of the water separator, and enters in to the 3100 where the H2S gas is scrubbed with 30 pounds of odor controlling media.

The 3100-WSV is made from aluminum, and is epoxy coated for protection from the harsh environment. The media used to scrub the H2S gas is engineered in pellet form to allow for optimum air flow thru the media bed. A chemical absorptive process changes the H2S gas into a non-toxic compound before exiting into the atmosphere. The media is UL rated, and landfill disposable.